Wellgate for Women iBracelet Offers Chic Wrist Support

Wellgate's iBracelet is a soft wrist support that doubles as a piece of jewelry.

Wellgate for Women's iBracelet is a soft wrist support that doubles as a piece of jewelry.

We’ve been told we type loudly — we blame our heavy fingers on learning to type on a manual typewriter. Though we may never thoroughly adjust to touch screens and laptop keyboards, our fingers no longer hurt after a lot of typing. However, extended time in front of the computer can cause new issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which women are three times more likely to develop than men. We’ve seen the typical wrist rests and cushions, but we were intrigued by the iBracelet ($10.99) from Wellgate for Women, which specializes in women-specific pain-relief products, such as wrist, ankle and knee supports. The support looks like a bracelet of large beads — available in white pearl, black pearl or violet — but is made of a soft, pliable material.

Designed to look like jewelry, the iBracelet encourages proper wrist support by elevating the wrist while typing. New York City physical therapist Megan Barclay, who is part of the Wellgate Orthopedic Women Team, recommends a wrist support for typing or other repetitive motion. Unfortunately, those who already have carpal tunnel or wrist issues still need a traditional brace wrist support. The iBracelet is free for a limited time with the purchase of another Wellgate item online. Wellgate products also can be found at Target, Walmart and other retailers.

We like the idea of a not-so-obvious wrist support just for women. Do you think you’d be more likely to use a wrist support that looks more like a bracelet?



  1. vinni malone says:

    I am interested in getting these ibracelets for all the administrative assistants that work for the Barnstable Public schools. Where can I purchase just the ibracelets??
    The Target nearest to me does not have them in stock. Is Walmart the only other alternative?

  2. According to the Wellgate for Women site, products can be purchased at Walmart, Publix and ShopKo. However, I no longer see the iBracelet on the Wellgate site. I will contact them to check on the availability of the iBracelets!

  3. My apologies for the delayed response! According to a Wellgate spokesperson, the iBracelets are no longer available. This probably doesn’t help with your administrative assistant gift situation, but for readers who need wrist support, Wellgate offers Slimfit Wrist Support. http://www.wellgateproducts.com/Content/Wrist-Products.aspx

  4. My co-worker just bought me 2 iBracelets in pearl after I admired the gray one she had. She got hers at the 99 Cent store here in Los Angeles. Try that. Hope it helps!

  5. I also found them at the 99cents store in Los Angeles . I purchased 10 sets for stocking stuffers. Great gift item. Wish I could find more.

  6. La-Terry Davis says:

    I really enjoy the bracelet and it does help my wrist. I purchase it at a drug store here is North Carolina. I need one more, can my Los Angeles send me one 😉