Two Refreshing Summer Thirst Quenchers: Flavor-Infused Water and Metromint

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About the Author: Josie Rubio is a senior editor at VIVmag.

Simply add fresh rosemary, sliced cucumbers or mint leaves to pitchers of cold water for summer refreshment.

Appropriately enough, at a recent Zone Perfect Perfectly Simple event at Chelsea Piers in New York City, a simple concept arrested the attention of myself and fellow bloggers: pitchers of water infused with lemons and strawberries set out before we took a restorative yoga class with Lisa Kirchner. My two summer beverage obsessions this summer are fruit-infused water and Metromint, a zero-calorie beverage of water infused with mint and hints of other flavors.

Placing slices of fruit or herbs in water isn’t a revolutionary concept, but it’s a thrifty, flavorful alternative to plain old water. Plus I can use herbs from my garden or fruit from my CSA share! One harried day, I thought that I didn’t have time to make some and realized: I don’t have time to slice up some fruit and put it in water? Who am I? I can and should slow down, or at least that’s what I gathered from a hurried read of a column in The New York Times.

While perusing The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen (Lévana Cooks, 2012) by Lévana Kirschenbaum, I fell in love with a photo in the book of glass pitchers displaying rosemary, mint leaves and cucumber. In her cookbook, Kirschenbaum says she simply adds one of the following to a pitcher of cold water (ice optional): sliced lemon, lime, mint, basil, sliced cucumber, sliced apples, ginger, lemongrass or rosemary. “So pretty, simple, refreshing and delicious: yum!” she says.

I discovered Metromint at Natural Products Expo West, where I sampled several varieties of the refreshingly minty beverage. The cherrymint and chocolatemint waters remind me of lip glosses my mom would let me use as a child; each has a subtle yet distinct chocolate or cherry flavor balancing with mint. There’s also goodberrymint, orangemint and lemonmint for a fruit and mint combo. The spearmint water is sweet and refreshing. I was warned before tasting the peppermint water that it’s the boldest. Peppermint is crisp and refreshing, but obviously not for those who don’t like mint.

Metromint beverages are made with double-distilled, pesticide-free mint grown in Yakima Valley in Washington and water purified with reverse osmosis. To find Metromint retailers nearby, use the online store locator.

What’s your go-to refreshing summer beverage?

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