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About the Author: CJ Golden is an author that we have featured in VivMoments in the past. She has published several other books including: Tao of the Defiant Woman: Five Brazen Ways to Accept What You Must & Rebel Against the Rest

I am a woman who has learned to follow her path and understand that it will take me where it will, even if the direction appears to be rather off course. I’ve come to recognize that the world around me is rotating as it is supposed to and it is up to me to find the meaning behind this new development in my life.

It was such a circumstance that took me to a charming hotel in Cape Charles, VA where I met innkeeper Tracy LaCroix and learned of his dramatic “heart-stopping” journey.

Reflections from Beyond book coverA strapping fifty-one-year-old man, Tracy took our check-in information and handed us our room key. His is a big presence, both in physical size and charm. With a soft-spoken manner and easy smile, Tracy is someone with whom one feels immediately relaxed. And so we chatted and I learned that Tracy and his wife, Alice had come down to this part of the country from Springfield, Massachusetts.

Springfield, Massachusetts is the home of Baystate Medical Center.

“And there,” he stated, in June of last year, “is where I died.”

Almost delivered as an aside, those words exploded in the air, filling the room with a volt of energy that shook me to my core. I know what he had said. Tracy had died eleven months prior to my meeting him.

Tracy revealed that he had a near-death experience from which he came back spiritually renewed and eager to share the messages of hope, peace and kindness he had been given. He wanted to do so through a book, but was waiting for the right writer to come along. Enter – me.

Since his near-death experience, Tracy has been blessed with a heightened vision of the world around him. And he showcases that vision through the stunning photographic skill he now possesses.

Of his many beautiful photographs, the one that most haunted me was one he had taken of two blue glass doors at the entrance to a seaside restaurant. Standing in front of the restaurant Tracy had taken a clear shot of the beach behind him reflected in those doors. Everything behind him, in fact, was mirrored in the doors. Yet Tracy himself was not in the reflection. Neither he nor I had an explanation for this phenomenon. We knew that one most certainly existed and our musings did create great conversation. The doors in the photograph became all the more intriguing.

Ultimately, I closed up my iPad, and said goodbye to Tracy as Joe and I headed off to our next stop: Virginia Beach, Virginia. Upon our arrival, after checking into a local hotel, we took a walk along the boardwalk. With the ocean on our left we were thoroughly appreciating our particularly lovely stroll. But, as it was getting rather windy and cold, we decided it was time to go back. When we believed we had arrived at our destination, we made a sudden turn away from the ocean to go through the hotel doors. The turn to our right was as abrupt as if an unseen force was pulling me in that direction. But Instead of having arrived at the hotel, I found myself facing the restaurant doors that had been in Tracy’s photograph. I suspect everyone within a mile of where I stood could hear my audible gasp.

I then knew, with absolute clarity, that our partnership had been sealed.

Tracy’s was an experience he felt compelled to share so he might bring the message of hope to all who have suffered great loss; that while we mourn, those who have gone beyond are in a very beautiful and peaceful place.

And while we are here on Earth we have the great responsibility to each other to bring kindness into the world in any and every way we can.

I know now that I was meant to write his book because I had come to fully understand the importance of staying open to the messages we are being sent, messages that we often tend to ignore or discredit or scoff at.

When we receive these little pieces of information or find ourselves experiencing a “mere coincidence,” I am fully convinced that there is significance behind each one of these serendipitous events. It is up to us to discover what it is and, when we do, our lives become more enriched as we are guided to continue following our lives’ paths with continued meaning and purpose.

As has been mine. And for that, I thank Tracy.

CJ and Tracy -Cape Charles, VA

CJ and Tracy -Cape Charles, VA
~ Photo courtesy of CJ Golden



Excerpt from Reflections From Beyond; Sharing a Message of Hope, Peace and Kindness by CJ Golden available at and



  1. Alice Lacroix says:

    I am Tracy’s wife..this has been a rollercoaster ride for me….I want to open myself to others who may have experienced this….please feel to email me and chat.

  2. What an incredible experience this must have been. You must feel so much peace in your heart, and it must be a blessing to both you and Alice. I would love to find a peace like this……Myra