‘The Omni Diet’ Makes Some Weighty Promises: Does It Deliver?

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At 43, Tana Amen is the healthiest she's ever been, and she credits her Omni Diet, endorsed by Dr. Oz.

At 43, Tana Amen is the healthiest she’s ever been, and she credits her Omni Diet, endorsed by Dr. Oz.

Tana Amen, B.S.N., R.N., author of The Omni Diet (St. Martin’s Press, 2013), says she grew up on a steady diet of Cap’n Crunch, Pop-Tarts, chocolate milk, pan-fried steaks, and frozen pot pies that wreaked havoc on her health and the health of her family. After suffering from an immune disorder, thyroid cancer and depression, she decided to overhaul her diet (and her life). After 10 years and a few false starts — including the USDA Food Pyramid diet, vegetarian diet and a high-protein diet — she developed the Omni Diet. Now, at age 43, Amen says she’s the healthiest she’s ever been.

Amen is so convinced that her diet works, she promises that if you give her two weeks, she’ll change your life. This isn’t her first foray into preaching healthy living; she is also a member of a faith-based healthy living plan, called The Daniel Plan, which includes Mehmet Oz, M.D., as a member, as well as Amen’s husband, Daniel G. Amen, M.D. (Although it’s called “God’s prescription for your health,” Amen’s name is a coincidence.)

According to Tana Amen, the Omni Diet’s benefits include: decreased inflammation; optimized brain function; high-quality, nutrient-dense calories that satisfy your appetite; a variety of nutrients; decreased feelings of hunger and deprivation; hormone balance and the subsequent breaking of food addictions, and increased energy and feelings of well-being. Those are some mighty tall promises, tough for any diet to fulfill.

Amen’s diet mantra? “Food can be as healing as medication or it can be as toxic as poison.” She says her diet plan — 70 percent plant foods and 30 percent protein (including animal protein) — provides the ideal balance of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish and lean meats that gives your body everything it needs for peak performance, maximum weight loss and optimal health.

While the book is sprinkled with inspirational stories of the people Amen has counseled, the real focus of the book is on the diet itself, as well as a collection of Omni recipes, menus and a shopping list.

Her “foods to ditch” list includes some surprises: whole grains, canola oil, soy foods, 100 percent fruit juice and farm-raised fish. While she offers a rationale for each, not all her conclusions are fully backed by science. For instance, she says corn disrupts blood sugar balance, and soy contributes to impotence in men and (in excessive amounts) causes systemic inflammation. Another thing to keep in mind before you decide if the Omni Diet is for you is the almost complete lack of bread, rolls, crackers and potatoes, except for a few gluten-free crumbs.

The Omni Diet on Amazon by Tana AmenAmen’s recommendations, though, are spot-on when it comes to eating lots of fresh vegetables, a moderate amount of fruits (especially berries), naturally raised lean meat and poultry, wild-caught seafood, eggs, olive oil, and fresh herbs and spices. And she gives valuable advice that goes beyond what you put on your plate, from writing in a food journal every day to finding an “accountability buddy” to help you stay on track.

However, many of the foods she recommends can be either budget-busters or are hard to come by, depending on where you live and shop, such as macadamia oil, naturally raised lean beef, wild-caught seafood, goji berries and raw shaved coconut. Also, keep in mind that most recipes, like Benedict-Style Poached Eggs and Brain-Boosting BBQ Chicken Salad, take some preparation time and you’ll need to restock your fridge and your pantry before you get started.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m always a bit suspicious of diet-book authors who promote products bearing their names. Such is the case with the Amen Clinics supplements (her husband is the doctor there), which she offers in preformulated mixes to meet needs identified by taking a quiz in the book. There is a formula for a brain and memory boost, controlling cravings, mood support and optimizing your energy level.

Bottom line? Despite her promises, the diet isn’t going to miraculously turn your life around. But if you’re willing to take the time, can spend the cash and do the planning, you can no doubt lose weight (though likely not as fast as she says, unless you start out with a lot to lose), lower fat levels in your blood and improve your blood sugar. Amen to that! But my issue is more with the claims for the diet than the diet itself, although it’s too restrictive and far more difficult to follow than healthy eating has to be.

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  1. I don’t know what’s so revolutionary about this “Diet” — healthy vegetarians have been eating this way forever. It’s just revolutionary that someone who is Not from the vegetarian community came out with this book.
    Also I have not yet investigated the author’s relationship to Dr. Amen who appears on PBS with his publications.

  2. Ty for your honest review

  3. I came across Tana Amen via her husband; Dr. Daniel Amen. A friend sent me a link to the Amen website. Look it up and watch the T.E.D. of Dr. Amen.

    To understand where Tana is coming from, I fully recommend to watch this video; it is all relevant. Once I watched the video, I knew I needed to know more, especially as I sale the world’s best mineral supplement, (guaranteed)

    The difference from what Tana has done and what many of her peers have done is Tana has been able to base her facts on real science, not myths. Yes, it is a vegetarian based diet and probably one of the best books ever published was by Harvey Diamond: Fit for Life. Due to medical technology we now know the “Why” we should be eating in this way. Of course there will always be resistance to this and many corporations have interest in how bad your health is and stays. At the end of the day, it is all about making an informed choice. What Tana, her husband and colleagues are doing is bringing a new side to the argument and real facts.

    The reality is as she ask on one of her videos, do you want to live to a 100 and beyond and with total quality of life? The choice is ours.

  4. So, so many diets come and go. And so, so, so many people try and fail. Is this diet only a modified method making claims like most of the rest! Seems to be that it’s for financial gain that these authors write books, sell products, etc. Seeming that these companies/people prey upon desperate people who are dead serious to conquer the Obesity Demon. JUST BE REAL, please!