Tippi Hedren Opens Up About Being the Object of Alfred Hitchcock’s Obsession for HBO’s ‘The Girl’


Fans of Alfred Hitchcock and his psychological thrillers: Tune in Oct. 20 to HBO’s The Girl, a deliciously wicked movie that gives great insight into the iconic English director, who became more than a little love-obsessed with his leading lady, former fashion model-turned-actress Tippi Hedren, during the making of The Birds and Marnie. Trivia fans may know Hedren is mom to actress Melanie Griffith and grandma to Dakota Johnson (her father is Don Johnson), who currently stars on Fox’s Ben and … [Read more...]

Melissa George’s New Role as a ‘Hunted’ Agent Takes Her Off the Sofa and Into the Action


Australian actor Melissa George’s new role takes her into the world of international espionage in the new Cinemax series, Hunted, a conspiracy action thriller that debuts tonight at 10 p.m. George, who previously starred in HBO’s In Treatment, plays Samantha Hunt, an operative for an agency called Byzantium Security who survives an attempt on her life, only to find herself no longer knowing who she should trust. After her In Treatment role as Laura, an anesthesiologist with a fixation on her … [Read more...]

Ethel Kennedy Breaks 20 Years of Near Silence for Daughter’s Documentary


In the HBO documentary Ethel, filmmaker Rory Kennedy takes a beautiful, honest look at her extraordinary mother, Ethel Kennedy, now 84. For more than 20 years, Ethel has mostly avoided the limelight, so Rory had mixed feelings asking her mother to speak on camera about life as a Kennedy matriarch. “I didn’t really want to do it, mostly for personal reasons,” says Rory, 45, the youngest of Ethel's eleven children with Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1968, six months before … [Read more...]

Gifts That Give Back and Eco-Friendly Items Rule the Emmy Gift Suites


Attending the abundance of celebrity gifting suites before Hollywood awards events is always interesting, even beyond the usual swag. In the days leading up to this year's 64th Primetime Emmys, I saw more eco-conscious gifts and more items supportive of charities. For example, at the HBO gifting suite, Showtime’s Nurse Jackie star Edie Falco came up to the Michael Antonio footwear table, and looked at the snake-print pumps. “While she loved the shoes, she told us that she does not wear animal … [Read more...]

Sofía Vergara On Turning 40, Her Clothing Line and Her Character’s Big News

When I caught up with Colombian actor Sofía Vergara, fresh off the third year in a row Modern Family won an Emmy for best sitcom, I was struck by how incredibly down to earth and humble she is. And whether she's acting on her hit ABC series or running her various business ventures, one thing is clear: Here's a woman who's at the top of her game. "Never in a million years did I think I would end up being part of such a successful show," Vergara told me at HBO’s post-Emmy party. "And we really … [Read more...]

'Georgia' Is the Newest Show on WIGS, a YouTube Channel for Drama, Comedy and Docs for Women

Is it just me, or is there a reality show for everything these days? While I have a few guilty pleasures on that front, it seems as if the Internet is increasingly becoming the place to turn to find innovative sitcoms and dramas. Ever since a friend recommended Awkward Embraces, which follows the hilarious dating mishaps of three women who work in the romance novel industry in L.A., I’ve been curious about other online shows, but I just never think to actively search out a web series. So I was … [Read more...]

New 'Forks Over Knives' Companion Cookbook Full of Simple, Whole-Food, Plant-Based Recipes


Since Forks Over Knives debuted in 2011, the documentary has garnered praise from everyone from Dr. Oz to Ozzy Osbourne. Now those who are inspired by the film and want to adopt a plant-based diet have a new resource in Forks Over Knives — The Cookbook: Over 300 Recipes for Plant-Based Eating All Through the Year (The Experiment, 2012). The new cookbook contains 300 recipes that utilize whole foods — but that don’t call for meat, dairy or oils. I was eager to read the cookbook for a variety of … [Read more...]

HBO’s ‘Weight of the Nation’ Series Examines Obesity in the U.S. and How to Fight It

We caught a preview last week of HBO’s upcoming four-part documentary The Weight of the Nation and we have a spoiler alert for you: A lot of us Americans are fat! OK, so the obesity crisis isn’t breaking news, but this well-intentioned documentary, which airs tonight and tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the cable channel and its website, does have some surprises up its sleeve. One of the most startling things about Weight is simply that it’s a cooperative effort of HBO Documentary Films, the … [Read more...]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Takes Political Office in HBO Comedy 'Veep'

Julia Louis-Dreyfus may not be the first to play a fictional female U.S. vice president, but she’s decidedly the funniest, and we’re thrilled to see her back on TV in a role tailored for her. While we’ve seen Glenn Close and Joan Allen occupy the position in the movies Air Force One and The Contender, Patricia Wettig’s portrayal of a villainous veep in Fox’s Prison Break, and Julianne Moore’s recent turn as vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin in HBO’s Game Change, we’ve never seen the office … [Read more...]

Julianne Moore Plays Sarah Palin in HBO's 'Game Change'

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Sarah Palin played a significant part in American political history. If the 2008 election had turned out differently, the former Alaska governor would have been the first female vice president. Why that didn’t happen is the subject of the HBO movie Game Change, premiering March 10 at 9 p.m. and starring one of our favorite actresses, Julianne Moore, as Palin. Ed Harris portrays presidential candidate John McCain, and Woody Harrelson plays campaign … [Read more...]