Simply Sensible: Meals for Everyone from ‘The Biggest Loser’

Simply Sensible healthy refrigerated meals include “Zing Chicken” over brown rice.

During the shorter, colder days of winter, we often find it hard to opt for lighter meals when we’re cravings something warm and comforting. So we were eager to try Simply Sensible entrees, healthy “TV dinners” from NBC’s weight-loss reality show contest, The Biggest Loser. The meals, which are available to the contestants on the 11th and current “Couples 4” season, can be found in the refrigerated section of SuperTarget stores and regional grocers now and at Walmart next month.

Choices are pot roast with mashed potatoes, lasagna with meat sauce, sweet and spicy “Zing Chicken” with brown rice, beef tips with brown rice and Mediterranean chicken with bow-tie pasta. The meals, which are certified by the American Heart Association as low in fat and cholesterol, are slow-cooked inside a sealed bag, a method known as sous vide. This technique allows for extended shelf life with less use of salt and no preservatives. The sodium content of Simply Sensible lasagna, for example, is 440 milligrams per serving (18 percent of the USDA Daily Value) compared to 600 mg (25 percent DV) and 540 mg (23 percent DV) in similar frozen meals.

Each package ($6.99) contains two fully cooked servings, with calorie counts between 200 and 250 per serving. The meals contain less than 6 grams of total fat and 2 g of saturated fat. Harris Food Group’s research and development chef, Calvin Harris (who has developed such healthy menu options as Arby’s Market Fresh salad and Burger King’s veggie burger and salads), created the meals.

We’ve sampled some of Harris’ previous creations while looking for healthful fast-food choices, so our expectations were fairly high. We were pleased to find that the chicken was tender and bathed in tasty sauce. The sauce also ensured the meal didn’t dry out in the microwave, as frozen entrees can. Though the large pieces of pepper depicted in the photo on the box were a bit smaller in reality, we were impressed with the flavor. We also tried the Mediterranean chicken, and we felt like we’d eaten a real meal, instead a “light” option that left us unsatisfied.

We like that the packaging uses recycled materials and is designed to reduce environmental impact by taking the usual plastic tray out of the equation. Though two servings per package likely cuts down on packaging — and makes sense for the couples theme of this season of The Biggest Loser — we recommend having a container handy to save the second portion if you’re dining solo.

Do you think this will kick off a trend of healthful, prepared refrigerator meals?



  1. Sue Vierling says:

    I live on the East Coast (North Jersey to be exact) and I would like to know how I can purchase these meals. I am 40 lbs over weight and can not seem to get it off. Please let me know.

    Sue Vierling

  2. Sherry Lampman says:

    Where can I buy these?

  3. Is this product in stores NOW? Limited cities? Major chains as well, like Albertsons?

  4. Cynthia Hall says:


  5. Currently, Simply Sensible meals are available at SuperTarget locations, as well as the following regional supermarkets: Publix, Kroger, Safeway and Albertson’s. In two weeks, Simply Sensible also will be available at all Super Walmarts, according to Harris Food Group. I hope this helps!

  6. The “Where to Buy” link on Simply Sensible’s website is up! Simply click on your state to see where the meals are available!

  7. I’m really disappointed in this product launch. I live in Baltimore, Maryland and according to the “Where to Buy” it’s still not offered anywhere in our state. Such a shame to do a national promotion and not actually have the product offered nationwide or at least in most major metro areas.

  8. We went to Smith’s grocery and to Albertsons which the ad said would be carrying these and no one seems to have them….I guess albuquerque got left out…

  9. Live in MA and they are not available. When will we see them in the Northeast!

  10. Vanessa Fisher says:

    I went to the website to see if the meals are available in my state, only to find that they are NOT, when are they coming to Maryland??????

  11. Where can I buy these meals……I live in Gary, Indiana. All the stores I called said no…they do not have them. LIke Walmart, Paylow and others.

  12. Here is the Grocer Locator portion of the Simply Sensible site.
    According to Simply Sensible, about 1,075 Walmarts out of 2,600 supercenter stores were supposed to have the meals available by April 5. The site also lists several other stores for Indiana. Harris Food Group, the makers of Simply Sensible, may be able to provide the most up-to-date info: (800) 277-3253.

  13. These are DELISH!! I have tried the Zing Chicken and Lasagna so far….wonderful taste and GENEROUS portion…added some BirdsEye Steam fresh vegies to the plate and had a wonderfully tasty and healthy meal in under ten minutes –just the touch for quick after work meals! I found mine in my local rural Ohio Kroger…still searching for them at the Walmart…I cook alot and would glady pass off these for my own creations!! LOL Try em you will like em! My hats off to the chef for creating these—please expand your line….i want more!

  14. They’re not available at our Kroger or Walmart Superstores here!! I really want to try them too!! It’s ridiculous that you make these new meals and not have them available everywhere!! Especially since there’s a free with rebate offer!! Is that why?? :(

  15. I have looked everywhere and cant find these meals really upset walmart and Target said they never even heard of them/

  16. Jane Rylatt says:

    We purchased Beef Tips and Gravy with Brown Rice for our dinner. Though the meal was tasty, I was very disappointed in the size of the beef tips. The picture showed beautiful tips that looked the size of large walnuts. And, Lo and behold, when we opened the package, they were the size of almonds, and small ones at that. The meal was good except for our disappointment. You should strive to be a little more honest in your picture on your packaging.

  17. ellen salomon says:

    April 30th. No one in Target or Walmart knows anything about your product and I would love to try your free entree. I live in Dunwoody, Georgia, Just outside of Atlanta. Please let us know what is going on. thank you . Ellen Salomon

  18. Been to SuperTargrt…..SuperWal-mart……King Soopers…..Safeway……Albertsons and not one single place carries the product or has even heard anything about it. Why promote the product and then do this. I live in Denver and none of the stores it shows in my area carry these products. So far its a Ghost product!!

  19. become a distributor and that way you will know where to find them……or learn how to cook with less fat, less salt, and use different spices.

  20. I just saw that your product will be in walmart next month. I have a $1 coupon for this month 5/31/2011. This is not fair. I probably won’t get a $1 coupon again.

  21. I hope it will be at all Walmart locations. I live in De Soto and the so called Super Center Wal-mart they built doesn’t carry alot of things others do.

  22. KevinsView says:

    are these meals sold in frozen food, meat, frozen meat or where in the stores?

  23. Elizabeth Barnhart says:

    Tried the Beef Pot Roast & Gravy, it was very tasty. The Nutrition Facts states: “Serving Size 5 oz. meat & 1/4 cup potatoes. Servings per container about 2”. I weighed the two pieces of meat – one weighed 3 oz. the other 2 1/2 oz. for a total of 5 1/2 oz. That does not match what the Nutrition Facts says. I called Customer Care 800 number several times, and they never returned my calls I finally called the company itself and spoke to a woman who did not seem to be able to give me anything except excuses for not returning my calls to the 800 number. Absolutely no help at all. My advice to all: Read the Nutrition Facts very carefully.

  24. Please read VIVmag’s updated post about where to find Simply Sensible meals.‘biggest-loser’-simply-sensible-meals/

  25. Jean Green says:

    Where can I buy these means in northern new york state for example Massena, NY we faithfully watch your show come on be true to us. When trying to lose weight we need the products asap

    • VIVmag recently spoke to Harris Food Group, the makers of Simply Sensible, to find out the latest on where to buy the Simply Sensible meals.‘biggest-loser’-simply-sensible-meals/

  26. Finally,my store has 2 of the meals. Not planning on the other 3 anytime soon he said. I tried the Mediterranean Chicken today and it was really good. What a pleasant surpirise.They only carry the 2 chicken one`s. I wish I could try one of the beef ones. This product is really hard to get a hold of. And I`m hoping beings it tastes good they dont discontinue it. King Soopers in Thornton,Co on 120th Ave needs to carry all 5 products,please..: ))

  27. I live on the east coast, where can I purchase these?

    • Please see our updated post about where to buy Simply Sensible meals:‘biggest-loser’-simply-sensible-meals/

  28. Simply Sensible grocer locator is incorrrect. None of the stores In Cali carry product. Poor coordination of marketing launch!

  29. Specifically, N. Cali. It would be nice if grocer locator narrowed store search by zip code for current availability, instead of wasted time from driving or calling listed stores.

  30. iris mazurkiewicz says:

    Have been looking for these meals since March 2011. Have been to at least 4 super wal – marts in Indiana and nobody carries them. Very disappointed and frustrated.

  31. Does anyone know what store in santa clara county like near san jose california

  32. pat fleischer says:

    no one carries them! where to get them?

  33. Will these meals be available at the Wamart in Canada? They sound real good amd I watch the biggest loser every week and ithink will help with my weight loss.

  34. SHOULDN,T advertise till you can stock stores!!!!!!!!!

  35. Sue leeper says:

    I live in Greensburg, Pa. They don’t have them at our Walmart yet. I went to the one in Latrobe,Pa. I would really like to try them.I need to lose about50 lb’s. Sue Leeper

  36. Sue leeper says:

    where can I buy these dinners? in sw pa

  37. I am not able to find these meals in the Safeway store as indicated for Washington. Seems to be the trend would like to try these meals to see if they help me lose the weight.

  38. Still not in the stores in he New Prague area-what is the hold up ??????????

  39. Still not in the stores in the New Prague area-what is the hold up ??????????

  40. Sure would like to try these, but can’t find them in our Safeways, WalMarts, or Targets. Sounds like a good product – when will they be available in Fairfax, va??

  41. I guess it is inappropriate to point out that this product is not in the stores your site referenced!

  42. Can not find these around our stores. Cortland NY

  43. I live i San Fernando, California, southern ca 20 miles from Los Angelas. what store can I find this

  44. yvonne underhil says:

    Where can i buy these meals in choctaw oklahoma or norman oklahoma? thank-you

  45. Maureen lee says:

    I live near Tyler TX, very frustrated, cannot find food at any store that you have said carried it.

  46. Hi I live in upstate Ny and have been looking everywhere you say they are available and cannot find them anywhere it would be nice if you could aleast order them online or something…Very Frustrated!!!!

    • We’ve received quite a few comments from people who can’t find these meals, and we even wrote a follow-up to this post and spoke to Harris Food Group again:‘biggest-loser’-simply-sensible-meals/
      I would suggest contacting Harris Food Group directly by phone to see if someone there is able to tell you where to find them in your area: (800) 277-3253
      I will follow up with Simply Sensible again to see if they have any more recommendations for finding these meals.

  47. Belinda Anne says:

    I kept looking in the frozen food section where the Lean Cuisines are, but I actually found them where the lunch meat is. They were right next to the sausage. I think some people may be looking in the wrong places.

  48. I just went to my Super Walmart in Ohio and they do not carry the Simply Sensible meals. I do not have a Krogers anywhere around me. Is there somewhere else I can purchase them? I am going to try and find them online somewhere!


  50. I watched the biggest loser last night and they were advertised on there again.. I have been to 4 different stores in my area and still not in stores.. I have talked tot he grocery managers and they have never even heard of them. Its really frustrating when you adveritse something that is soppose to be in stores and a manager for the dept doesnt even know what you are talkin about… Harris food Group is not a good company..

  51. These aren’t available anywhere in Virginia and I live in a large metro area.

  52. I have been reading the information about your meals. It says that you only offer 4 meals will you be offering more? Also i want to know if you have desserts or snacks that will be offered to. I appreciate the time that you are taking to read this email and can”t wait to hear back from you. . . Debra L. Wade

  53. Debra–a response from Simply Sensible to your questions!

    Hi Debra:

    Thanks for your support of the Biggest Loser Simply Sensible meals. We currently offer 4 varieties of the Biggest Loser meals. In mid- March we are introducing a fifth variety which will be Shrimp Marinara with Brown Rice. The product will be rolled out in Publix Supermarkets initially and we are presenting to other retailers for nationwide distribution. The 4 current offerings are all available at Shop Rite’s in the metropolitan New York area. Hopefully they will carry the new Shrimp item as well soon. As for the desserts, we still working on frozen ice cream bars and sorbet/yogurt bars to launch by the end of 2012.

    Again we appreciate your support and interest in our products. Feel free to contact us at any time.
    Best Regards,
    Tony Ames
    Director of Retail Sales
    (800) 277-3253

  54. I can’t find these in Indianapolis, IN. I looked at Kroger, Target super store and Walmart. Where are they?

  55. Eileen Williams says:

    I enjoy the frozen meals, i found them at price chopper and walmart, however i purchased a pot roast with mashed potatoe meal and received a bunch of beef gravey a few peas and 2 small chunks of potatoes. Was this supposed to be beef stew? It cost me 5.99 for nothing, not happy about that especially since i work the night shift. lot # 020412? EST 13128-B

  56. Have you tried contacting Simply Sensible? We’ve been putting readers in touch with Simply Sensible (see a few comments above), but it might be best to contact the company directly.

  57. I was pleased to see these items at my local supermarket in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I watch the program and decided to give them a try. So I purchased three different entrees, they were on sale, close to half price off. Today was my first sample, Beef Pot Roast and Gravy, yummy I though. Not so, I was not impressed by the meat portion of the meal, it looked more like gravy that was to be poured OVER the meat that was coming from a different source, maybe they had left something out of the box, I looked, nope..

    The flavor was good, the potato, carrot and meat were diced so small it was almost like baby food for juniors. BTW the photo on the box is totally misleading… it looks NOTHING like what’s in the pouch, NOTHING. They must have used a macro lens, or changed their minds on what went into the box afterwards.

    I have two more entrees, which of course I will try and come back and share some more.

    Bon Apetite… NOT so much on this one.

  58. Darlene Maupin says:

    I had the Beef Tips and Gravy with brown rice tonite. The worst,wheres the beef, what there was was tough and the gravy had no taste. also the picture on the box was very decieving

  59. I am unable to locate any store in Olympia, Wa that carries the meals — Target and Walmart in this area have never heard of them.. Ditto with the super markets.

  60. Beverly Moreau says:

    I purchased the pot roast – after I opened it and stirred it I found it apparent that there was not much food in the pouch, but a lot of gravy. I strained the food portion off from the gravy and I had 3/4 cup of solid food – there were no mashed potatoes and there were two very small semi tough pieces of meat, the rest was unrecognizable because it was saturated with the gravy. It bore no resemblence to the photo on the outside for sure. If two people can dine on this, or one person eat two meals, they must eat like mice. The mediterranian chicken looked more like soup than the picture on the outside.

  61. The photograph on the product and in this review are highly misleading. I purchased the beef potroast from Publix.

    The pouch comes with mostly a brown, tasteless gravy-like liquid with 15 peas, 12 small pieces of a potato, 9 pieces (not even a full round) of carrot, and 2 tiny pieces of what I think is supposed to be beef – it was stringy and difficul to chew or swallow.

    These meals are not what they purport to be and no one should purchase. It is a gimmick to bring more money to the brand and jip those of us who are hard-working and trying to make a decent living and be healthy.

  62. STOP! Be glad you cannot find this product. It is horrible! I bought the Simply Sensible beef tips and rice at Publix in the metro Atlanta, GA area. Worse pre-packaged food ever! The few beef tips were nothing but gristle.and didn’t look anything like the picture on the box. This company should be ashamed of itself. Nothing but a pure scam taking advantage of people who are trying to lose weight.

  63. Lillian Larkin says:

    where can simply sensible meals be purchased in Rochester, NY

  64. Lillian Stock says:

    I purchased your Shrimp Marinar mainly because the picture on the box looked delicious. It had ten large shrinp shown topping the rice with lots of peppers etc.
    When I heated it up there were only a very few small shreds of shrinp and I did not see any peppers. The sauce and the rice were edible…but where were the shrinp that were pictured??????

  65. i have tried target for months and they don’t even know what im talking about. this was a very bad opening for Any product let alone from a show with millions of viewers. Makes me doubt the other claims by that show, unable to buy and am giving up on the meals and the show

  66. Very Dissapointed says:

    I tried the Mediteranian Chicken and it was absolutely disgusting. It did not come even close to what the packaging suggests it looks like. The chicken were tiny little piece of grey mystery meat! Never buying this product again!

  67. Bought what was suppose to be Beef Tips and Gravy with Brown Rice. There was NO Beef. The only thing I got was unseasoned rice with a gelatinous glop. Talk about FALSE ADVERTISING!! And the best thing is the web site listed on the box does not exist!!! Just more lies and scams from a fake “Reality” show and the scammers behind it.