RevitaLash, Latisse Offer Latest in Fringe Benefits


When we glanced in the mirror this morning we did a double take. Our eyes were looking far more glam than we’re accustomed to in the a.m. Had we forgotten to take off our eye makeup?

We rubbed our eyes. No black smudges. And then we remembered: A few weeks ago we had begun brushing the eyelash enhancer RevitaLash along our upper and lower lash line each night. We’d been inspired by a beauty-savvy friend who had given up her monthly $200 eyelash-extension appointments once she discovered her naturally stubby lashes grew to rain-forest lushness with a few swipes of the lash conditioner.

Now we understand her decision: After less than a month our own weepers are already sporting a decidedly more dramatic fringe.

In the winter of 2007, as you may have heard, there was a bit of an FDA dust-up when Allergan filed suit against several manufacturers of lash conditioners that contained the ingredient bimatoprost, which the pharmaceutical company sells in its anti-glaucoma eye drops. The over-the-counter lash products tweaked their formulas, and Allergan is now marketing Latisse, a brush-on version of its glaucoma drug, as a prescription remedy for “hypotrichosis” or “inadequate” lashes. Latisse will cost $120 for a one-month supply. (A $150 tube of RevitaLash lasts five to six months.)

All this intrigue means more options for the beauty consumer. But be aware that both Latisse and Revitalash have one limitation: Stop using them and your beefed-up lashes will return to their pre-treatment state.



  1. Peter von Berg says:

    If you are buying REVITALASH or LATISSE you are definitely paying far too much. Check out BEAUTYLASH MD, which uses a similar active ingredient, lasts for 5 to 6 month and sells for ONLY $ 59.–. It also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee which the others don’t offer.
    That’s what I call a fair price in this hard economic times. I hope you publish this that your readers
    will know about this fantastic offer.

  2. I would take caution before using Latisset. in my opinion, the pros out weigh the cons. Side effects are dark circles, change in the color of your iris, red/itchy eyes… hmm, I would think that out weighs having more eyelashes. Not to mention, why go through the hassle of a prescription when I can purchase Revitalash from my salon??

  3. Revitalash post the same warnings about iris darkening and the hyper-pigmentation at the base of the lashes and the possibility of sensitivity. You can read it right on their website. However since it has never been FDA tested who knows? Revitalash can spread infection because the applicator is not disposable, and it goes from eye to eye back in the tube. With Latisse you use one applicator per an eye and you don’t let it touch the tube. Revitalash does not disclose its active ingredient, because it is a drug parading as cosmetic to get around the law, which is dangerous. I would rather get such a potentially dynamic product from my ophthalmologist with FDA testing and approval than from a nail tech at a salon with a soppy PR story.

  4. As VIV’s editor, I’m glad to see your comments on this story–VIV has been following the lash-growth product area for some time now and we promise we will continue to stay on the subject. (Watch for a story in the May/June issue.) I do want to respond to Kathy’s comment, though, about safety. As of November 2007, RevitaLash reformulated to take out what was alleged to be bimatoprost, the same active ingredient found in Latisse. Today, RevitaLash contains fairly standard cosmetic ingredients which you can in fact find listed on its website. The first two? Water and salt. As far as the applicator goes, a reusable applicator here is no more dangerous than an eyeliner or mascara wand. Sure, you could throw those out every time, but why? We’re not endorsing any of these products, but I want to be fair in balancing the criticism of them. Which, if any, you choose is entirely your call.

  5. As an Aesthetician, I am very picky about what I use on my face. I first tried Revitalash a year ago. I’ve tried a couple of other eyelash growth products (including Latisse) but found them to be extremely irritating to my eyelids. Revitalash is the only one that doesn’t cause irritation and gives amazing results. Plus, an MD developed it, so you know it’s safe.

  6. i have foregone having an eyelash extension in favor of Revitalash and didn’t have regrets one bit. It didn’t cause redness or itchiness. It just gave me longer and thicker lashes. I love it!

  7. Samantha says:

    Latisse is the worst thing you can use on your eyes , same things applies to revitalash, both product cause itching, eye redness, and above all you are putting harmful nasty chemicals in your eyes.
    Envyderm and lashfood are a way better alternative they are both natural, paraben free, and clinically tested to work

  8. Lissa23 says:

    I am sorry to say this but I have been using the eyelash conditioner from revitalash for almost a year. I am very satisfied with it, it never gave me any discomforts like irritations and itchiness because if it did, I will never have the 2nd thought to switch to another brand. However Revitalash eyelash conditioner is responsible why my eyrebrows now are looking naturally enhanced, looking fuller, darker and strong. Why would I switch when I am very satisfied with it? I am sticking with Revitalash!

  9. sara evans says:

    “I originally wanted the Jan Marini Eyelash product but it is very hard to get. When I called, the esthetician recommended Revitalash and I have to say, it is great! I have only been using it three weeks but have started to notice a difference already. I am a lifer…”

  10. I love everything about RevitaLash! I’ve already been able to tell a huge difference. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!

  11. I just got my revitalash yesterday and I will start using it tonight im excited on the result. I really wanted to have long thick and fuller lashes like a doll.

  12. I agree McKell, everything about Revitalash is really lovable. It really makes a difference and the satisfaction you get is amazing!!

  13. have you tried surfing at or

  14. VeniceLey says:

    Hi Serina! You are absolutely correct. Revitalash is the only reason why my brittle and dull lashes, are now looking fuller, darker and healthier. I’ve been using it for a year and a half for now and noticed the changes after 5-6 weeks of using it. You’ll just have to be patient and that’s all it takes.

  15. Woow!! I was surprised, I’m using revitalash for my lashes as well and just like CarlaS, it really changed my lashes gorgeously. My sisters kept asking me what I applied to my lashes and told them it’s revitalash.

  16. Camille says:

    Anyone using MaximumLash here? I’m using Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner and I love my eyelashes now. I tried other eyelash conditioners before but we can’t say which is best for us until we try them. So now I am using maximumlash and so far I love it. How about you ladies, are you satisfied of what you are using now?

  17. Exactly Ladies! I have similar experience with some of the ladies here. My brittle, short and fragile lashes before are now looking fuller, darker, longer and healthier. All because of the Revitalash eyelash enhancer that i’ve been using for about a year now. Thanks to revitalash. I don’t intend from switching to another brand. I am loving it.

  18. I am using Revitalash mascara and I am very happy with it. It lengthens my lashes 2 times and when I go out wearing it people look longer in my eyes.

  19. Camille is right, some won’t notice the effect or the improvement of our eyelashes unless they will see us for quite sometime. I’ve been using MaximumLash Eyelash Conditioner now for 6 weeks. What I did is that I took a picture of my eyelashes the day I started using it. Now my lashes are absolutely beautiful. Most of the times my friends won’t appreciate of what I wear anymore because when they see me it’s my eyelashes they will notice. Thanks to MaximumLash! You should try it, it’s better for me and it may be the best for you.

  20. I saw significant growth on my lashes in using Revitalash it’s healthier, longer, and thicker. Revitalash is one of the product that are safe to use and affordable

  21. I have allergy problem with some cosmetics and skin care. I was recommended Revitalash by my doctor and I’m glad that it doesn’t cause any allergy reaction. Also, it makes my eyelashes look so awesome.

  22. It’s been about 6 weeks since I first posted about my sister and me using different lash-growth products. I’ve been faithful with my Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner and am quite happy with the way my lashes look. They are definitely longer and oddly enough–curlier!!! I’ve also been using it on my eyebrows and have noticed they’re starting to fill in. My sister, on the other hand, gave up on the other brand she’s using after 3 weeks. She found it terribly irritating and hated the brown discoloration it caused all around the eye area. I have to say, it didn’t look good. So, I recommend her to use Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner than any other brand.

  23. It’s true. I’ve been using RevitaLash since March. And it really works on my lashes..At first, I just bought the eyelash conditioner..and now, I’ve been using mascara too. It gives me more stunning eyes. Many of my friends noticed my fuller & thicker lashes. Thanks to RevitaLash!

  24. If you have sensitive eyes the best time to use Revitalash is once a day before you put on your makeup or before you go to sleep and have cleansed your face just a small amount. No matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin or sparse your eyelashes are, Revitalash can help you achieve your very own long, beautiful, healthy looking lashes

  25. Definitely true Linsha, me? I’ve been using Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner and for me to a cleaner look better apply something into your eyes when everything is dry to avoid mess…with my eyelashes there’s no need for me to do more about it coz it already have its perfect shape, thanks to the famous and trusted eyelashes shaper no other than the Maximumlash! Use it! It works fast and effective.

  26. Rosemarie says:

    Oh Really. Is Maximumlash a new product out in the market? good to hear that from you ladies. Well, been using revitalash eyelash enhancer and never failed me since then. I felt so well-situated using this product, I am very thankful with what it did to my lushes. From a brittle and dull lashes, now is looking fuller, stronger and healthier. I recommend it for those girls wanting to enhance their lashes.

  27. Hi Rosemarie! Yeah! Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner is already now out in the market. Try it! And you’ll never regret it like Linsha. Using any cosmetic enhancer doesn’t work overnight for you to see the result the question is, is it worth the wait? In Maximumlash it’s a yes, because you really can see a result for a couple of weeks of using it and you can proudly recommend this product. So far I’ve had no allergies or side effects with Maximumlash. I think it’s great!!

  28. I have short lashes, and I don’t like them. Just wondering. After applying Maximumlash for 12 weeks, will the lashes return back to their normal sizes?? Can anyone answer my question? Thank you very much!!

  29. where to avail this revitalash? been hearing about revitalash with my friends too….really have to try this!

  30. Hi Nadine! No, It well makes your eyelashes look good like mine and curl nice.Have you tried it now? This is great! Many of us here are really experiencing how amazing Maximumlash eyelash conditioner is. Well to share, I am so thankful to this Maximumlash eyelash conditioner. It really made my brittle and short lashes naturally looking fuller, darker and healthier. Great product!

  31. A friend gave me Maximumlash eyelash conditioner to try it for mu dull lashes and from then I have been buying the product. It really gave me satisfaction plus the factor that it has a very reasonable price.

  32. I used my Maximumlash eyelash conditioner to help fill in some thin spots on my eyebrows, and it worked GREAT!

  33. I suppose it all depends on individual. I’m a loyal Revitalash customers so as most of my friends and family. Results are fantastic. We have not had any of those scary side effects as reported and it can’t be all of us are just that lucky. I think credit is due to Revitalash. Great products.

  34. Who would have thought a good eyelashes conditioner can make so much different to the eyelashes. Maximumlash eyelash conditioner sure did that. After 2 weeks of Maximumlash, I can confidently say that now I have a set of pretty and fuller eyelashes.

  35. I got lovely results with revitalash. It made my lash achieve its very own long, beautiful, healthy looking lashes. I am totally glad that I found it!

  36. wow great!!However I Just heard of maximumlash now. For me, I’m glad and happy with what revitalash has done with your lashes girls as it did the same to my eyelashes as well. I will be a revitalash user forever. Thanks.

  37. I’m with you Pokie! I as well is using revitalash eyelash conditioner for my eyelashes. My sister recommended it to me before for my short, brittle and fragile lashes and because of revitalash it’s now naturally enhanced looking healthier and fuller. Great product. I extremely recommend it to you girls.

  38. cassandra says:

    I used to have bad allergy problem. Switching from 1 brand to another until read so much about Revitalash So decided to try out a couple of months back and it is just fantastic!. I love how it makes my eyelashes longer and thicker. the best OTC eyelashes care products I have ever come across.

  39. Hi girls, I have short and dull lashes. I’ve been doing a research online on how to with my lashes. I’ve found on most reviews that Maximumlash eyelash conditioner is simply amazing. Any tips and suggestion you can share with me?

  40. Marygrace says:

    Hey ladies I’m a fan of Maximumlash eyelash conditioner way back and will remain a fan even if there are lots of new Eyelash products that came out in the market. I’m a satisfied user ever since! Love it!

  41. I am saving money and time in using Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner because it’s affordable and I won’t take long in putting eyelash. I’m happy that I found a product that fits to me as a working mom. Hassle free!

  42. Read about those review about Revitalash. Since is not expensive, so decided to give a try. I must say after 3 weeks I actually can see my eyelashes look longer and healthier. Will keep you guys posted 3 weeks from now on the result.

  43. Rosemarie says:

    Hey ladies! Try what I’ve got last valentines from my boyfriend; I just want to share this to you. Hope this can help, my boyfriend is confusing what to give so he decided to ask some of my friends and you guess what did they suggest? Maximumlash eyelash conditioner!!! ‘til that time I started to use the product and I was so amaze not only me but also my boyfriend, he always gives me compliments every time we’re together. Thanks Maximulash! So, ladies try it?!

  44. I’ve been using revitabrow for my eyebrow since I have a thin brows and a messy one but right now there’s no need for me to do more about it coz it already have its perfect shape thicker and fuller. It work fast and effective.

  45. Well to share the experience I had with eyelash enhancers, I tried several brands and only found satisfaction when I first started using the revitalash eyelash enhancer and it’s been almost a year and does not have the plans to switch to another brand. I am really happy on how my lashes looks by now. Thanks to revitalash, I am loving it!!

  46. Yeah I heard about maximumlash from a friend and said that she’s comfortable using it however I am using revitalash eyelash conditioner for almost a year now. It really amazed me by the time I noticed the natural enhancement of my lashes, it was for about 6-7 weeks after I observed the effect. To assure you my lashes are now looking darker and fuller and really made a big difference to my face particularly when I curl them up. I am satisfied consumer here, extremely recommend this to girls as it remedied the problems I had for my lashes.

  47. Yeah I heard about maximumlash from a friend and said that she’s comfortable using it however I am using revitalash eyelash conditioner for almost a year now. It really amazed me by the time I noticed the natural enhancement of my lashes, it was for about 6-7 weeks after I observed the effect. To assure you my lashes are now looking darker and fuller and really made a big difference to my face particularly when I curl them up. I am satisfied consumer here, extremely recommend this to girls as it remedied the problems I had for my lashes.

  48. faithlee says:

    I haven’t thought of the revitabrow. Probably I think I have quite OK eyebrows. I am however using the Revitalash mascara and conditioner. Fuller eyelashes and no side effect. Such good products.

  49. Hi ladies, Oh hello Rosemarie, your also using maximumlash for how long?

  50. there are a lot of products out there that promises a lot of things. but revitalash has been the only product that kept their promise. MY lashes are now fuller and healthier.

  51. catherine says:

    Revitalash is so effective that in just 4 months, my eyelashes are so much thicker and longer.

  52. I can now have an easier shaped eyebrow by using revitabrow. With just simple swipe of the applicator you can achieve a more polished look by causing your eyebrows to appear healthier./

  53. for yourself. If you want your eyelashes to grow longer and thicker NATURALLY used revitalash. I strongly recommend you use this product and check it out

  54. Ya Halen, I agree with you. Revitalash is the perfect solution to short and thin eyelashes. It is so effective.

  55. Yeah! Revitalash does the job for my lushes. Offered at a very reasonable price. As simple as that. Can’t wait to purchase another tube.

  56. I’ll try revitalash, it seems I’ve been reading lots of good feedback about the product. I’ll try and prove it’s worth. Any tips there?

  57. i love so much this revitalash product work so best for me….

  58. I love Revitalash mascara, try it for yourself. My eyelashes is thicker than before and longer too!

  59. I can’t believe the results of revitalash, its amazing..try it for yourself. My eyelashes is thicker than before and longer too!

  60. I’m impressed with the results of Revitalash, after 2 weeks of using the product I see positive results. My eyelashes is thicker than before and longer too! Try it for yourself. If it works for me then it works for you too.

  61. I’m so excited to try revitalash mascara, I just can’t believe with the result when you put it into. It will help your lash attaches to tips to help visibly elongate and set the stage.

  62. I just tried Revitalash, a friend gave it as a birthday present. After a few weeks, it gave me amazing and satisfying results. My friends started to notice that my lashes were growing and they were beautiful. I don’t even need to wear too much make up anymore. It’s a wonderful thing. Try it.

  63. so far using revitalash conditoner, I haven’t experienced any itching side effects. it works perfectly for me. hope it does also to you guys.

  64. on my 2nd month of using revitalash and its great. glad I made the switch.!

  65. After reading a lot of comments and reviews I automatically switched to Revitalash because I want to have long thick fuller lashes. I’m using it for about 3weeks and see some changes I know this will give me the beauty that I want, I’m not in a hurry anyway as long as it worth the wait.

  66. I am happy with Revitalash, my lashes are gorgeous and they are long and strong. It was so amazing! I just love it.

  67. I was not blessed with beautiful eyelashes, now I can say I have one now because of Revitalash. Thanks for this effective product.

  68. I’m very glad I’ve found revitalash for eyelash enhancer, my friends told me i look different eyelashes is thicker and longer than before. Try for yourself to see results.

  69. All of my friends think I’m wearing false lashes because of its thickness and its long and fuller. When I told them I was using revitalash a lash growth enhancer they did not believe me because I myself can tell its natural looking.

  70. I’m not very particular on something to put on my face, since I envied on long lashes, I research on growth enhancer of eyelashes that has no side effect and affordable. And I found this revitalash, and tried it. It’s amazing! I see results in just 3 weeks. I have beautiful eyelashes now.

  71. I have not tried Latisse for eyelash enhancer, but I have tried revitalash. I’m satisfied with the results of this product. This product gave me the eyelashes that I want. It was so amazing!

  72. I have short eyelashes and I envied those girls with beautiful eyelashes. So I start on searching for eyelash enhancer, I found this revitalash product, It’s so amazing! It really works. My eyelashes changes, it becomes thicker and longer. Try it!

  73. Revitalash is the best experience i have ever used and i have tried them all! It keeps my eyelashes curled and adds length and volume. It is the only product i will ever use again.

  74. amazing! I never knew my lashes could look this beautiful. Thanks to Revitalash.

  75. I am a personal trainor and my clients want to make sure that I look my best, they usually complain or make fun at my eyelashes because they are so invisible. I tried using Revitalash and I was happy with the result, I love it and I am very satisfied with it.

  76. done lots of research overall i think revitalash works best. getting one this month!

  77. so far using revitalash conditoner, I haven’t experienced any itching side effects. it works perfectly for me. hope it does also to you guys.

  78. so far using revitalash conditoner, I haven’t experienced any itching side effects. it works perfectly for me. hope it does also to you guys.

  79. The fashion nowadays doesn’t only necessitate having good clothes, but also a good make-up that will enhance your natural beauty, whether we like it or not, employers tend to go for the ones who know how to carry themselves. Since I am the head of the HR department, I make sure I live the part, not only in work but also in appearance. That is why I am so glad that I am using Revitalash, my lashes look naturally stunning and even with less mascara on, I look amazing.

  80. I have been fighting a disease that made all of my hair fall off, including my eyelashes, I was devastated because after the illness was cured, my eyelashes never returned to the beautiful state it was before. But when I started using Revitalash, my eyelashes are more beautiful and longer than it was.

  81. No more need for false eyelashes, extensions or irritating fibers.You can get similar looking results for your own natural lashes. Just one application daily and within four to six weeks you will have fuller, thicker and healthier looking lashes. Really very true I can prove it to you……and its only from MaximumLash!

  82. I am not a big fan of mascara because most of them irritates my eye, I was desperate to have longer lashes because I don’t seem to get the modeling jobs I apply for because I have really short lashes, I had no choice but to try Maximumlash, I really love it because it worked for me plus it didn’t irritate my eyes.

  83. I was not blessed with beautiful eyelashes, now I can say I have one now because of maximumlash. Thanks for this effective product.

  84. Price and value is all in maximum lash. Its worth it. I’m glad I tried it, and I’ve been using it ever since.

  85. fuller and healthier lashes is what I like about maximum lash. I’m on my second week already and I have seen dramatic results.

  86. so far using maximum lash, I haven’t experienced any itching side effects. it works perfectly for me

  87. It’s amazing how a small bottle can make a huge difference in my personal life, Maximumlash is my personal savior

  88. I have short and dull lashes. I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to look great and I found this MaximumLash and really very true to its promise I look ravishing after using it. It really works!

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