Put On Your ‘Dignity Pants’: Sleepy Jones Offers PJs for Night — and Day!

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About the Author: Josie Rubio is a senior editor at VIVmag.


Andy Spade has designed a loungewear line inspired by artists to wear while relaxing and working at home — oh, and you can sleep in these items, too.

Andy Spade has designed a loungewear line inspired by artists to wear while relaxing and working at home — oh, and you can sleep in these items, too.

If you think that working from home means staying in your pajamas all day, well, you’re right. Sometimes. Of all the imagined perks of working at home, not putting on “real” pants for days at a time is the one that actually happens — unlike the notions of having an immaculate work space or abundance of free time.

But I’ll admit, sitting around in faded sweatpants and a 1992 concert T-shirt can be a little depressing. Many people I know who work at home also have “daytime pajamas” — something that they feel comfortable answering the door in for a UPS delivery. One of my friends calls them “dignity pants.” Sometimes you’d like loungewear that’s a little more Hugh Hefner and a little less Howard Hughes (the later eccentric years, not Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator).

So I was intrigued by Sleepy Jones, a new line of stylish loungewear designed by Andy Spade that’s inspired by what he likes to wear when working — and relaxing — at home. Essentially, these are the luxurious, fashionable daytime pajamas that the work-at-home set has been waiting — in old sweats — for. The line was launched in the spring with a sleep-in at Lafayette House in New York City’s East Village, where models wearing Sleepy Jones lounged, ate and read in various rooms of the boutique hotel.

Spade, co-founder of Kate Spade (his wife’s namesake brand), enlisted Anthony Sperduti and Chad Buri — longtime collaborators at Kate Spade, Jack Spade and Partners & Spade — to help create the line of “sleepwear, underwear and not-quite-ready-to-wear for men and women inspired by the lifestyles of artists.”

That inspiration includes, according to the website, artists, writers, designers and musicians, such as George Plimpton and Pablo Picasso. “Plimpton was known to roam the Paris Review office in boxers,” according to the Sleepy Jones website. “Picasso churned out masterpieces in little more than shorts and a robe.” (Incidentally, I have written blogs in yoga pants and a T-shirt that smells like Chinese food, because I dropped a piece of chow fun on myself while eating lunch reclining and was too lazy to change. But I suppose the Picasso image is a little more glamorous.)

The Sleepy Jones women’s collection includes oversized, classic button-down pajama tops ($136–$148), available in pink, light blue or red and blue stripes, as well as several floral patterns and blue with red piping. A few baby-doll tops ($124) also are available to pair with matching shorts ($54–$64), robes ($142–$154) and underwear ($44–$54). The line also includes a few T-shirts ($38), a tank ($34) and polka-dot socks ($24).

Men have a selection of pajama shirts ($128–$142) and pants ($122–$136) — a few in prints that match the ladies’ line.

While I wouldn’t be likely to paint in a fashionable robe — or at all, really — I can roam the home office in daytime PJs, Plimpton-style. And maybe eat my lunch sitting up, with some semblance of dignity.

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  1. Josie, even I found Sleepy Jones and Kate Spade attires very comfortable and affordable. The collection is huge and every one can get what they are looking for :)