Mary-Louise Parker Feels the Burn With Trainer Michelle Lovitt

As featured in the Fall 2012 issue of VIVmag, when Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker wanted to find a new workout partner, she Googled “Best Female Trainer in L.A.” and Michelle Lovitt’s name appeared. The two have been raising their heart rates together for two years, enjoying long runs and hikes in nature. They forgo music on these cardio adventures, preferring the sounds of the wilderness as their soundtrack. “Mary-Louise has such an intense schedule with work and raising her two kids that the peace and serenity of the mountains is a welcome retreat for her when we hike or run,” Lovitt says. But when they are not out communing with nature, here are some of their favorite songs to rev up their heartbeats.

Check out the full story in the Fall 2012 issue of VIVmag, available Oct. 1!