Lauren Bowles’ Balance With Sara Ivanhoe

As featured in the January/February 2012 issue of VIVmag, for 10 years Lauren Bowles, from HBO’s hot series True Blood, has studied yoga with acclaimed teacher Sara Ivanhoe. Together, the two committed yoginis practice vinyasa flow at both YogaWorks in Santa Monica, CA, and at Bowles’ private home. The element of music infuses their practice.

Ivanhoe explains, “In the yogic system, sound is actually an element, just like earth or fire. It is said to work on the most subtle part of ourselves; the piece that is closest to the soul. That is why music speaks to our soul. More than anything else, we can put on a song and it changes our mood within seconds. Most things we do with our bodies takes minutes to change our state of mind, but putting on your favorite song takes only a few notes.

“I play a variety of rock, world music and yogic chanting mantras while teaching. I don’t focus on the lyrical content of music, as I find that this can often keep us in our heads thinking about the meaning of the words. I play music that gets us out of our heads and into our hearts, out of the thinking mind and into feeling. If I’m doing my job, people walk away from class saying, ‘I just feel so different; I can’t explain it.'”

Check out the full story in the January/February issue, available Jan. 1! Click here for their playlist.



  1. Lauren is such an inspiration. I took up yoga because of her.