Discovery Adventures Offers New Tour Packages

Discovery Adventures

Discovery's trip to Tanzania provides a chance to spot stunning wildlife.

When watching travel and nature programs, we often long to voyage to the same exotic locales. Now replicating a trip seen on a Discovery Channel show such as Man Vs. Wild or Discovery Atlas has become easier with the Discovery Adventures travel program. Choose from 18 destinations and 31 itineraries offering accessible, yet unique adventure travel experiences around the globe, from the Amazon to Zambia. The tours, which recently have been made available to book, begin departures in December.

Visit the birthplace of Buddhism in India, take an eight-day Serengeti Wildlife Safari in Tanzania to see black rhinos and leopards, or visit Mexican families in the Yucatan Peninsula for tortilla making. Earth-minded individuals can hike through the rain forest and tour La Selva Biological Station in breathtaking Costa Rica, or take a cruise on a 16-passenger catamaran to the Galapagos Islands, departing from Ecuador. The tours also feature expert guides — from a naturalist in the Galapagos to an Argentinean sommelier to educate your palate about local wines.

We don’t think any trip includes crossing icy waters au naturel in the Artic Circle like Bear Grylls, but that’s completely fine with us. Also, there’s no need to worry about learning how to weave your own shelter from branches and vines — the packages have at least three-star accommodations and include continental breakfast. Prices and length vary — $499 for a three-day trip exploring the markets and volcanoes of Ecuador to $6,799 for a 24-day tour spanning Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos. In some cases, accommodations for one cost a bit more. (We suggest inviting us along.) Groups are small, ranging from six to 15 people, so it’s a more intimate travel experience and minimizes ecological impact on fragile destinations.

We love the thought of such an easy way to transform from armchair traveler to globe-trotter. What are some of your favorite travel adventures?

Photo credit: Wild At Art