Contest Seeks Recipes to Improve President's Opinion of Asparagus's Asparagus Lovers Unite for Obama! calls for asparagus recipes to change the president's mind about the spring veggie.

Submit your favorite asparagus recipe by May 20 for your chance to change the president's mind about this spring veggie.

For some reason, we’re fascinated with President Barack Obama’s food and beverage likes and dislikes. Recently, press secretary Robert Gibbs revealed that Obama doesn’t drink coffee. (He runs the nation without the aid of coffee!) Many of Obama’s preferences were recounted last year in a New York Times interview with his personal aide Reggie Love, who revealed Obama loves broccoli and spinach, but will eat asparagus only “if no other vegetables are available.” So, to help Obama overcome his aversion to asparagus, — an online marketplace that supports food artisans, farmers and other small family-owned food companies across the country — is running a recipe contest. Asparagus Lovers Unite for Obama! calls for favorite asparagus dishes, from appetizers to entrees. Recipes must be emailed to by May 20.

Winning recipes will be selected from eight regions of the country — Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, New England, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, South, Southwest and West — judged on taste, creativity and regional flair. From these eight, a grand-prize winner will be selected to receive $1,000 worth of farmer and artisan products, such as California extra-virgin olive oil, wild Alaskan salmon, Vermont maple syrup, Maine lobster and Texas tamales. The winning recipes will be posted on on May 30 — and sent to the White House, of course! Marsha Cade, co-owner of, says the contest was sparked by her love for asparagus and the First Lady’s organic vegetable garden. “It’s a fun way to promote eating fresh vegetables, and supports Michelle Obama’s quest of healthy food and living,” Cade says.

We have struggled to like asparagus ever since a childhood encounter with the canned version. But well-prepared fresh asparagus dishes since have nearly erased those unpleasant memories. Do you think the right recipe can change someone’s stance on a vegetable or ingredient?



  1. If readers are wondering which recipe won the recipe contest, the grand prize went to Amy McCoy’s Pancetta, Asparagus and Sundried Tomato Sandwich. While it sounds delicious, with pancetta, cheese and mayonnaise, we estimate the sandwich packs about 660 calories–about the same as a Sonic Chili Cheeseburger or 10 calories shy of a Burger King Whopper. The sandwich has less fat than the fast-food options, with 24 grams as opposed to 35 or 39 grams.
    Check out the recipe here:’s-grand-prize-winning-recipe-pancetta-asparagus-and-sundried-tomato-sandwich/
    The runners-up also are featured on the Regional Best’s blog.
    With the president becoming quite the food trendsetter, it’s no wonder vegetables are lobbying for his approval. Do you think you’ll try any of these recipes?