Gaiam Yoga Club Offers 10-Day Free Trial

We love practicing yoga at home when we can’t make it to a class — but we still need a little instruction and motivation. So while attending a recent yoga event in New York City, we were happy to discover the Gaiam Yoga Club, a 12-week program with expert instructors Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman, designed to help create a home practice. Gaiam offers a 10-day free trial for the online club, which includes a printable pose guide, instructional videos, podcasts and access to community chats and … [Read more...]

Dog-Friendly Ritz-Carlton Helps Pets in Need

Friends who can’t bear time away from their beloved pooches have told us that traveling with a pet can have its challenges, from figuring out how to transport a pup to finding a pet-friendly hotel. But even when accommodations are located, what is there for a dog to actually do at a resort? The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch has come up with a solution that will not only make your life easier and your pooch happier, but will help less fortunate dogs as well. The hotel — located on Beaver Creek … [Read more...]

Deal of the Month: Donate Gently Used Jeans for bebe Discount

After a survey of our overflowing closet, we’ve instated the “nightclub rule” — for one new item to enter, another has to leave. So as our wardrobe's official bouncer, we're excited to learn that shoppers who donate a pair of gently worn jeans to a bebe retail location receive $25 off the price of a new pair from bebe’s denim collection through July 31. The used jeans are donated to someone in need through Clothes4Souls, a new division of Soles4Souls, the international shoe charity we told you … [Read more...]

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

We have to admit that after reading about the recent bedbug outbreak at New York City retailers Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch and hearing a few secondhand tales of infestations, we've been suspiciously eying every scrap of fabric that enters our home. The more we learn, the more we wish the blood-sucking creatures existed only in the nursery rhyme of yore. In the interest of possibly sleeping tight once more, we spoke to bedbug expert Jeff White, research entomologist with Bed Bug … [Read more...] One Site, Multiple Sample Sales

We’ve scored deals on designer clothes, home furnishings and even luxury travel accommodations, thanks to sample sales. But our email inbox is getting overcrowded and we can’t keep track of all the items available on the growing list of discount sites. So we were intrigued to hear about, a “sample sale aggregator” of about a dozen sites that offer deals in fashion, jewelry, accessories, beauty, wine, travel and sports gear. Simply sign up for MyNines and create a username and … [Read more...]

'To Age or Not to Age' Explores Longevity Research

Every now and then, when plagued by a random ache or depleted energy, we feel like our warranty is up. Our body just doesn’t run as smoothly as it used to. To Age or Not to Age, a new documentary from Robert Kane Pappas, tackles this age-old (no pun intended) quandary of getting older. In the film, Pappas interviews molecular biologists about the recent discovery of SIRT1, a gene that controls longevity, and also covers what experiments in life extension of yeast, worms and mice might mean for … [Read more...]

Green Picnic Ideas for Summer!

Now that Earth Day has come and gone, it may be easy to forget those promises we made to always consider the environment. What better way to remember the importance of being green than enjoying the outdoors with a picnic? But dining outside often creates a significant amount of garbage, especially if we use plastic forks, paper plates and disposable cups. So we plan to picnic this year using biodegradable tableware, such as the WASARA collection available from Branch Home, and packing our food … [Read more...]

Brains on Bikes Rolling Into D.C.

When we heard about brain cancer survivor Anne Feeley’s 4,170-mile cycling trip across the U.S., we were inspired. After being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 2006, doctors told Feeley that her chances of survival were slim. The median survival rate of a glioblastoma multiforme tumor, a diagnosis she shares with the late Ted Kennedy, is 15 months. “Brain cancer was a wake-up call for our whole family,” Feeley says. “The shock wasn't that I was going to die, but that I had forgotten … [Read more...]

‘Beauty Prescription’ Quiz Tests Inner, Outer Looks

Lana Turner may or may not, as legend has it, been discovered perched prettily on a stool at the soda fountain of Schwab’s Pharmacy in Hollywood. But, believe us, toss the keys to an Audi TT convertible anywhere in Los Angeles and you’ll hit enough lovely young things to cast any number of remakes of Friends and Melrose Place. The city that some of us call home is not an easy place to hold onto one’s feelings of attractiveness. That’s why time and again we have turned to the Beauty Prescription … [Read more...]

Inspiration from the West Coast's Hottest Kitchens

We took a break from eating foods prepared by LA’s top chefs to listen to some of the culinary masters talk shop during a recent gathering at the downtown arts center Redcat. During the roundtable, sponsored by dineLA, Josiah Citrin, Joachim Splichal, Mark Peel, Wolfgang Puck, Susan Feniger and Karen Hatfield answered questions about their “secret weapons” (“morels and asparagus,” according to Citrin), mentors ( “I learned as much from the bad ones who teach you what not to do,” says Puck) and … [Read more...]