ARROJO Studio Shares Gorgeous-Hair Tips To Ring in the New Year

Tatum Neill, a stylist at ARROJO Studio, gave one-on-one tips for blow-drying hair at home.

Whenever we get our hair cut and blow-dried, we always make it a point to take our new ’do out on the town, because it never looks quite as chic as it does fresh from the salon. So we were thrilled to see that ARROJO Studio in New York City was offering “A Night of Beauty” with one-on-one blow-dry lessons from stylists Tatum Neill and Chuck Olson. We attended the event in search of tips for creating a glamorous look for the new year.

Turns out, we’re not the only ones who have trouble replicating post-salon looks. “That’s the biggest problem,” Olson says. “They got a great haircut and blow-out, and they can’t do it themselves.” Many people actually hold the blow-dryer incorrectly; for a smooth, sleek look, hold the dryer so the air is directed downward, drying away from the root. The right tools are key, Olson adds: A very hot blow-dryer with weak air power dries out hair, so a blow-dryer that delivers stronger power with less heat is better.

During the winter, hair loses moisture, so Olson recommends ARROJO Hair Repair Masque ($15), ARROJO Hair Creme ($7-$15), ARROJO Detangling Foam ($15) and ARROJO Hydro Mist ($15). Winter hats also create static, which he says a light application of ARROJO Shine Spray ($17) can fix. Holiday looks this year include simple up-dos and Mad Men-inspired classic curls, Olson says. “I try to base all hairstyles on clothes,” he says. If you’re wearing something simple, a hairstyle can be more dramatic, whereas an elaborate outfit calls for simple hairstyles.

For more hair tips, check out “Volume Control” in VIVmag‘s September/October issue. And tell us: How do you plan to style your tresses this New Year’s Eve?



  1. Check out the Summer Makeup Event at ARROJO studio, 180 Varick St., NYC, on Tuesday, May 24, from 6-8 pm. The $75 price tag includes makeup pro makeup tips from Giella and Liz Marz, as well as a gift bag from Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics. Limited edition trend colors from the co-branded ARROJO/Giella line will also be available for purchase for a special price. Call (212) 242-7786 to book a spot.

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