VIVmagnificent Woman Program Aims to Honor & Recognize Extraordinary Women from Around the Globe

Magnificent Women Connect and Inspire Future Generations through Award Program Launched by VIV Publishing

New York – August 8, 2011 –VIV Publishing LLC, the award winning women’s digital media network has announced the launch of VIVmagnificent Woman, a program designed to engage vibrant women from around the world in a unique network geared toward recognizing their achievements and enabling community connections.

“Women play such an important role and have grown to be driving forces in almost every area of our lives, from household purchases, lifestyle and leisure choices to business decisions,” said Jeanniey Mullen, Chief Marketing Officer of VIVmag. “With a multiple of responsibilities, they often wish for more time to create and maintain personal connections with like-minded women. The VIVmagnificent Woman program gives them the opportunity while simultaneously recognizing the magnificent qualities that enable our mentors and leaders to inspire us to never give up and strive to be the best we can be in all facets of our lives.”

This first of its kind program allows strong, stylish, innovative, intelligent women who are bettering society, leading companies, voicing opinions and making their mark connect with each other, build a network and create a framework that will help inspire the next generation. The program offers three levels of involvement: 1) membership in the network, 2) recognition as a magnificent woman and 3) the opportunity to mentor others.

Anyone can become a part of the VIVmagnificent network by joining the VIVmagnificent Women Linked In Group. Network members will be identified at various industry conferences during registration and sign up to enable like-minded women to more easily connect. The second level of involvement enables women and men from around the world to nominate their friends, family, peers and even themselves for the VIVmagnificent Award. A committee meets to select award winners based on a well-balanced set of criteria regarding these women’s professional and personal successes, and seeks to honor all different types of magnificent women. Award winners receive a special award package and their own personal page on the VIVmagnificent Woman site with links to outlets where they are socially vocal. In many cases, they are presented their award at a regional or national event in the presence of their peers. Magnificent women within the network will have the opportunity to mentor millennial women who are already working to shape the future.

Early honorees of VIVmagnificent Woman Awards include: Hope Frank, chief marketing officer at Webtrends; Cheryl Goodman, senior director of publisher relations at Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc; Renata McGraff, an expert voice in the mobile healthcare industry; Tracey Wilson Mourning, a mentor, designer, broadcast journalist, motivational speaker, mother and wife to NBA All-Star Alonzo Mourning and Adri Saavedra, director of the Coolidge Public Library in Pinal County, AZ.

“I’m thrilled to be among the first women recognized as a VIVmagnificent Woman,” said Cheryl Goodman, senior director of publisher relations at Qualcomm MEMS Technologies. “As a woman working in technology on a global level, this program is a great opportunity for me to mentor and provide guidance to other women who may be interested in the male-dominated industry and help expand women’s roles within the space – it’s a great honor, and I can’t wait to see the program expand. I encourage every woman to get involved.”

For more information on the new VIVmagnificent Woman program, to browse and connect with recognized recipients or to submit a magnificent woman nomination, visit: or contact us at:

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  1. Leo Salazar says:

    I am nominating my wife as a magnificent woman.

  2. Jeannie Bowers says:

    How can u put some one in be nomanated for this, please help me, I have a very special woman I would love to put in for it, she is my best friend, but she is a nurse practishner, and she helps out everyone she able to, and she do what ever she can to